Paperthin dreams

Jul 10 2011


I got dragged to the Greek festival with mum,  and I guess I pigged out a little :( How effing embaressing.

1 serving baby octopus - 123

15g fetta cheese - 42

3 olives - 11

15 pita bread - 42

30g haloumi cheese - 74

2x spanikopita (fetta and spinach pastry) 611

Total Intake: 902

Oh my god, I thought I was going alright up until the pastry. I thought I’d be alright because it was just cheese and spinach but I didnt even stop to think about the pastry, I’m such an idiot.

Excercise : 220 calories burned on treadmill

Total minus exercise: 682

I’m pretty ashamed of myself right now.

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